Zombies are undead creatures, typically depicted as mindless,

A common headcrab zombie

reanimated human corpses with a hunger for human flesh. The first known zombie apocalypse was caused by the Cat Overlord releasing the Green Flu based on a sample obtained from Johnny Ghost's McDonalds.

The Zombie War ended with the start of the Dragon War.

Within the Gmod Roleplay, zombies most commonly appear in the form of host controlled by Headcrabs; but, have also appeared as living skeletons, DeathTroopers, and many other variations from different franchises.

In A Skyrim Tale, the most common form of zombie is the undead Nordic warriors known as Draugr.

In A Fallout Tale/Another Fallout Tale, feral ghouls are often called "zombies". This term is often offensive to non-ferals.

Infected Individuals Edit

Individuals killed by Zombies Edit

Survivors of the Zombie Apocalypse Edit

  • Gertruck Unicorn/unnamed

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