Zachary the Great
Gender Male
Played by Venturian (Waffle Gun mod) ElectricFire169 (Starbuggers)
Status Deceased?
Position/Rank Evil Scientist
Nationality  ?
Age  ?
Group NASA(presumably), Daleks (Starbuggers)
Weapon Waffle Gun, Black Hole Device
Debut Waffle Gun mod

Zachary the great was a character that appeared in the waffle weapons mod. Zachary may of been (or at least been one of) a unnamed father figure(s) that assisted Sally on her adventures without Papa Acachalla.


Also called Evil Doctor Zachary the Great, he was an evil villain bent on destroying an alien planet with a black hole generated by a rocket chair Black Hole Device to collect the diamond core of the planet and become super-rich. He either is or disguised himself as Sally's real father and boarded a NASA Spaceship. NASA gave them experimental waffle guns for self defense. He and Sally explored the planet until he revealed his evil plan, shooting Sally off into the atmosphere in the rocket chair. She escaped and challenged him to a duel, which he accepted. They never got to the duel however, as he was killed by Sally Acachalla with the Waffle Gun while pre-gloating.


He appears only in the Gmod Waffle Gun Mod, although he is mentioned in the Taser Mod by Gregory.Gregory.


  • The villain from Lost in Space is called Zachary.
  • He may be related to Zachary the Second.
  • Zachary appears as a minor antagonist in Starbuggers.

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