One Dark Silent night, a little boy named Johnny Littlebug was born. On his seventh birthday he discovered the existence of paranormal entities otherwise known as ghosts. He developed a deep interest in them. He thought they were mystical creatures that helped mankind but boy was he wrong. By the age of nine he had already memorized the names of all level 1 ghosts. He hoped of becoming a ghost expert and frequently watched movies with ghosts in them. He had a friend name Johnny Toast who also liked ghosts. One night his father was acting strange he went so crazy that he picked up a knife and murdered his wife! Now Johnny Ghost loving ghosts and all called the paranormal investigators thinking they smarter than the police. When the investigators arrived Little Johnny managed to tie his father on to a chair as he tried to murder him as well. The investigators said that Johnny's father was possessed by a level 5 ghost and they sucked it and trapped using a special machine. That day Johnny had realized ghosts were not good at all. He swore that when he grew up he would catch all ghosts possible with the name of Johnny Ghost and with the help of his friend, Johnny Toast

The End

Sorry if it was short I ran out of ideas By Epic_Boss3000

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