Werewolves are a race of paranormal humans who have the ability transform into wolves, usually at random although they can trigger the metamorphosis at will (Vahl being a notable example). Their first appearance Was in the Gmod WEREWOLF Slenderman Horror Mod! (Garry's Mod). At first they seemed like the average lycanthrope, but according to Johnny Toast studies and affliction, uncommon knowledge has been learned. Such as their unexplained love of jelly, weakness to laughter and spontanious transformations from wolf to man several times within a short span. According to Johnny Ghost, werewolves can be killed with a silver bullet, which is consistent with traditional werewolf. At least with the Toast case, he maintained some level of sapience (as evidenced when obeying Johnny's command when he shouted at him), but would not remember his experience as a wolf.

Causes, symptoms and treatments

Werewolves can infect humans with bites or wounds. The symptoms in Toast's case were (aside from the obvious metamorphosis) a limited attention span, delirium, excessive hair, and possible borderline insanity and/or regression. Werewolves are known to like jelly.

Werewolves can be cured with a certain type of berries, or be killed with a silver bullet.

In their original appearance in the Werewolf Slender video, they seemed more susceptible to regular force, with Jordan and Bethany killing several using guns loaded with regular bullets, a crowbar, and even a knife.

Known members Edit


Garry's ModEdit

  • Unnamed Grocery Store werewolf
  • Johnny Toast
  • Johnny Ghost (briefly; cured by berries)
  • Unknown number of werewolves in the Slender video
  • The Werewolf Man Of Wyoming, AKA the Wyomingwolf

Trivia Edit

  • They like to hide behind trees
  • Werwolves have blurry, yellow vision

Johnny Toast factsEdit

  • They love jelly.
  • They have been shown to run away from people who laugh.
  • They are cured by berries.

Johnny Ghost factsEdit

  • They can be killed with silver bullets.

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