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"Dis place iz shiny. It iz da shiniest. I leikz da shininess."
―Channel Description

Venturian is is the name of Jordan Frye's SoundCloud account. It is used by Jordan to upload any music that he wrote. Today, this SoundCloud channel has twenty-three tracks, one album and two liked tracks. The account currently does not have any playlists or reposts. The channel has 7,641 followers and is following 458 other people. According to SoundCloud, Venturian is a Pro Unlimited User.

List of ContentEdit

Tracks Edit

  • "Arbor Nemus" - (Woodrow's Theme)
  • "City Of Mine" - (City of Qeios Theme)
  • "Rattle" - (Villain's Theme)
  • "Strife-Mind" - (King Rothlyn's Theme)
  • "Jeremy" - (Jeremy's Theme)
  • "Pulsar" - (Beyond the Wall Theme)
  • "Fireside" - (Rivatha's Theme)
  • "Doppelganger" - (Audrey & Andre's Theme)
  • "Asylum's Arena Anthem" - (An Oblivion Tale Fight Song)
  • "Asylum's March" - (An Oblivion Tale Theme)
  • "WAFFLES" - (Sally's Theme)
  • "Sons of Fright" - (P.I.E Theme)
  • "Horror Heart" - (An Undertale Tale Theme)
  • "Cywren's Song" - (Cywren's Theme)
  • "Terror Toy" - (Brandi Says Hi Theme)
  • BoomerKy Channel Theme
  • "Wither" - (Aviria Theme)
  • "Forgiven" - (Vahl's Theme)
  • Flubble Biscuitness
  • "Jasper" - (Jasper's Theme)
  • "Cryptitan" - (Qeios Theme)
  • "Krieger March" - (Battle for Aviria Theme)
  • "Jadelace" - (Escent Village Theme)

Albums Edit

  • Qeios Soundtrack

Likes Edit

  • Cywren's Song (With Voice and Talking) (by BoomerKy)
  • Forgiven (Vahl's Theme With Voice) (by BoomerKy)

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