The VenturianTale Wiki Rules are to be followed by anyone on the wiki. 

Note to admins, these rules apply to us as well. All of them.

Note: if you take almost nothing from this please take No #1 No#3 No#10 and No#11


  • 1#- No bulling people because of their race, sexuality, religion (or lack of religion) or disabilities; your opinion, political stance or religious views are not an excuse to violate this rule.
  • 2#- Do not push your beliefs and/or religion onto other people, which includes converting or discriminating against religions or Atheist world views. They all have the right to think as they please.
  • 3#- Respect other people's view unless this conflicts with the previous two rules, in which case report it.
  • 4#-  Do not start arguments in the comments and try to refrain from using profanity. Refrain from using words that can be sensitive to certain groups.
  • 5#- Try make a "Sources" section in your page with links to official things, showing what you have typed is fact. In your articles, cite your facts in brackets ([]) 
  • 6#- Do not post pictures, videos, or articles that have nothing to do with the wiki's content. 
  • 7#- Put the title of the page at the beginning in bold (Example: Papa Acachalla). 
  • 8#- If any content is fanmade, put Fan: before it. (More info on Fan Pages.)
  • 9#- Do not edit fanmade materials unless given permission by the author. 
  • 10#- Do not upload personal information about yourself or any of the VenturianTale crew.
  • 11#- Do not vandalize pages. Doing so will result in a ban of length depending on the admin.
  • 12#- Report all vandalism. Do so by contacting an admin..

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