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This is a Fan-Made Wikia. The VenturianTale crew had or has no involvement whatsoever here! Neither do they see anything or answer to anyone here. If you would like to attempt contact them, please do NOT do it here. Instead, try deviantART or YouTube.

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Left to right: BethanyFrye, HomelessGoomba, Venturian, and ImmortalKyodai.

Welcome to VenturianTale Wiki!

Welcome to VenturianTale Wiki, the ultimate VenturianTale fanbase. Here, you can check which videos your favorite people were in, look at a detailed bios and descriptions of your favorite roleplay characters, read epic and chilling fan-fictions and clear up the confusion by reading mind-blowing theories, (Bother areon the VenturianTale Fandom Page), view hilarious images of Jordan and his siblings, watch videos that we all love to quote! With over 1,100 pages, each explaining what we all love about the crew and more, what can YOU discover on this extraordinary wiki?

VenturianTale Wiki Originals

Interested in more adventures in the VenturianTale universe? We've got you covered with VenturianTale Wiki Originals, collaborative creations from the staff of the Wiki itself. Not only that, we've got a slew of fanfictions for you to pick from in the list further down on the main page, so take a look and leave your thoughts.

Where to Find the VenturianTale Wiki Online

Want more of the VenturianTale Wiki? Simple: check out our pages on deviantART and Twitter!


All rules that are highlighted in bold are strict rules.

  1. No bulling people because of their race, sexuality, religion (or lack of religion) or disabilities; your opinion, political stance or religious views are not an excuse to violate this rule.
  2. Do not push your beliefs and/or religion onto other people, which includes converting or discriminating against religions or Atheist world views. They all have the right to think as they please.
  3. Respect other people's view unless this conflicts with the previous two rules, in which case report it.
  4. Do not start arguments in the comments and try to refrain from using profanity. Refrain from using words that can be sensitive to certain groups.
  5. The Fryes are not active on here; please refrain from trying to make conversation or trying to contact them, via comments.
  6. Do not post pictures, videos, or articles that have nothing to do with the wiki's content. 
  7. Put the title of the page at the beginning in bold (Example: Papa Acachalla). 
  8. All fanfictions and theories must be on the Fandom page, if you see a fanfiction or theory on this wiki, please inform H'jar of Shadows.
  9. Do not upload personal information about yourself or any of the VenturianTale crew.
  10. Do not vandalize pages. Doing so will result in a ban of length depending on the admin.
  11. Report all vandalism. Do so by contacting an admin.
  12. No swearing, either on the pages or in the comments, is allowed. This excludes fan fiction writing.

Left to right; ImmortalKyodai, HomelessGoomba, VenturianTale, and BethanyFrye

Admins on the Wiki

VenturianTale Sub-Wikis

These are wikis that are specific to particular series of VenturianTale.

Fan Fictions

Main article: Category:Fan Fiction, Category:Fanfiction, Category:FanFiction

Most of these belong to Justjackbros. Some are pretty good FanFictions

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