This is a list of Pets that the Frye family own.


Species Owner Picture
Link Dog Everyone
Link by cierrafrye-d74ytqv

Source: DeviantArt

Chewie Dog Everyone

Source: Unknown

Billy (Cat) Cat Cierra
Billy by cierrafrye-d4vc6nn

Source: DeviantArt

Amy Cat Cierra (Former)
Amy by cierrafrye-d4vc73o

Source: DeviantArt

Bowser Cat

Unknown, Possibly Cierra

Rawr by cierrafrye-d5bt5lp

Source: DeviantArt

Spunky Rabbit Bethany
Spunky by cierrafrye-d4vc8u1

Source: DeviantART

Missy Cat Paula
Missy by cierrafrye-d4vc8m8

Source: DeviantArt

Oz Cat Unknown, possibly Paula

Source: Instagram



  • Cierra got Amy in 2008 and lost her in 2010. Jordan, Cierra, Bethany, and their mom, Paula were searching for her in this video uploaded on Bethany's Youtube channel:
    • She likes to think that Amy has found a nice place to live and is doing very well.
      Looking for the cat

      Looking for the cat

  • The total of pets they have is four cats, two dogs, and one rabbit.
  • It is possible that the roleplay character, Billy Acachalla, is named after the cat, Billy. 
  • The dog "Link" became their pet in 2005, and unfortunately died on the 5th of February, 2018