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The following is a list and brief of most of the VenturianTale characters.

Sally waffle Edit

Achachalla's together

Papa Acachalla Edit

Papa Acachalla is the father of Billy, Sally, Sue, Spencer, and more. He is also the husband of Gertrude.He also uses Acachalla dollars

Officer Maloney Edit

He is a horrible cop. But he doesn't care cause he's a bird because he is maloney and is an alien.

Maddie Friend Edit

Maddie Friend was billy's friend till she started asking him out over and over but is now engaged to him due to him losing a bet in a LFD 2 video. is also now a doctor.

Charlie Charlie Chase Butt face Edit

Charlie Charlie Chase Butt Face is Bon Bon's mom who is scared as heck when they play.

Bon Bon-
Charlie Charlie Chase Butt Face's daughter or son who is a terrifying baby according to Jordan's (Venturian) face.

Gmod Funny BABY Mod! (Garry's Mod)13:34

Gmod Funny BABY Mod! (Garry's Mod)

Slendy Edit

Sally's boyfriend. Originated from creepypasta high-school. Enimies with Johnny Ghost.

Teenage Jeff the Killer Edit

Teenage Rake Edit

Left Shark Edit

Right Shark Edit

Johnny Ghost and Johnny Toast Edit

Two members of P.I.E (Paranormal Investigators Extraordinaire) that track down ghosts and sends them back to their home. Ghost is a Mc Donald's worker who's dad is the maker and toast is a British fellow who's grandma is the queen of England. According to a new video only Johnny Ghost exists and Toast only exisits in Ghost's imagination. also johnny ghost is Gregory I belive aka cardboard friend episode and the cardboard friend turned him insane witch made jimmy casket who is johnny ghost.

Gregory.Gregory.Gregory Edit

Grandfather Edit

Papa Acachalla's grandfather who fell in a volcano and was turned to only stone from all the ash and lost his limbs. He is now only a head and parshly a neck. He has died many, many, many times according to videoss

Toilet Toucher Edit

toilet Toucher running for president is a teleporter who teleports by touching toilets.

If he touches a toilet that is too big for his butt, a giant nuclear explosion goes off.

== Billy Acachalla Billy Acachalla is stupidest of the Acachalla family. He has an habit of making stuff float and getting stuck in weird places. He has a "Friend" named Maddy and he also often tries to annoy everyone even if he is not trying to. And is always on the run away from Maddy. Occording to a left 4 dead video they are now engaged. He is a medic in an abandoned hospital.

Spencer Edit

Papa Acachalla's son with him and Gertrude locked in the basement and is a obsessed gamer and a nerd and they use him in emergencys and then keep him in the basement. He was at the seven-eleven and said i have a rash on my elbow and now has engulfed half of my face.

Sue Acachalla Edit

A police officer who wears a ski mask and washes his mask with shampoo. He was going to be there son but they got the wrong document and they legally made him there daughter. And is horrible with EVERYTHING he does.

Princeton Quagmire Edit

Princeton Quagmire is the best shooter in all the west and is famous for his amazing hit with the back of his boot. His catchfrase is," I'll hit you with the back of my boot!"

Higgilydiggilyhögan Edit

A european cop whos been tracking down the Acachalla family. And extends his name unbeilivly long.

Chacalata Soup Edit

The best cooker in all the land. And is now a very dangerous ghost according to a very recent video.

Jose Jose Jose Jose Edit

The most man in the universe across all dimensions. Nothing can compare to his beauty.

George Edit


Janet Edit

"Had to happen."

Cardboard friend Edit

Gregory's/Johnny Ghost's old friend. He made Jimmy Casket the insane killer he is.

Jack Links Edit

Marie Edit

Susie Gumball Edit

Sink Supplies Edit

Maxwell Acachalla Edit

Papa Acachalla's evil brother from the west

  • Kylo. Ren.
  • was toasts friend from high school named Ben but murdered him see toast's death

Phasma Edit

Baby Acachalla Edit

Willy Barricade Edit

Jimmy Casket Edit

One of Johnny Ghost's many personalities. He's a insane murderer who Ghost becomes when he feels threatened or gets injured when Toast isn't around.

Bad Texture Johnson Edit

Not the main character. But is the 1st of 3 people who died but faked his death.

Bad Texture Brohnson Edit

Not the main character.

Better Texture Mohnson Edit

Not the main character.

Uncle Ernie Ghost Edit

The most confusing character ever. Breaks all laws of physics and the lure.

Lightszeron Edit

Best FNAF security guard. Has recently been turned into a vampire.

Gregory(Alien) Edit

Alien that lives in Papa Acachalla's garage. Is very "hip with the kids" for an alien.

Crispy Toast Edit

Spooker and Colon : Edit

Spooky and Colon are two P.I.E. interns. Colon is an honary P.I.E. member due to a hide & seek/death match game, but Spooker remains an unpaid intern.

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