PLEASE NOTE: The VenturianTale Character Tournament will no longer be held. The poll system has been removed from Wikia.

The VenturianTale Character Tournament is a tradition on the VenturianTale Wiki. Ten VenturianTale characters get together to compete in the VenturianTale Character Tournament each year. The tournament starts on April 4, every year. So far, it has only taken place one year.

Grand Winners


Tournament I: Jimmy Casket

Tournament II: Johnny Toast

Tournament III: Unknown


Tournament I: Unknown

Tournament II: Unknown

Tournament III: Unknown

Competition Dates

  • Tournament I 2014: April 4
  • Tournament II 2014: June 1
  • Tournament III 2014: September 1
  • Tournament I 2015: Undecided
  • Tournament II 2015: Undecided
  • Tournament III 2015: Undecided


  • When you get one of these:
COMPLETED! Click here for Day (#)
(That means you stop voting)
  • That means you do not vote whatsoever
  • You need to look at the Character Voting Key, (As seen below) so you know what you should do, and shouldn't do.
  • If you see a red link, do not create that battle.



VenturianTale Character Tournament Key

Tournament I (Battles 1-10)

  1. Papa Acachalla vs Gertrude
  2. Sally Acachalla vs Maddie-friend
  3. Johnny Ghost vs Jimmy Casket
  4. Billy Acachalla vs Spencer
  5. Vahl the Dark Elf vs Lydia
  6. Officer Maloney vs the Bird
  7. Gertrude vs Sally Acachalla
  8. Jimmy Casket vs Billy Acachalla
  9. Vahl the Dark Elf vs the Bird
  10. Tournament I Champion Battle!

Tournament II (Battles 11-20)

  1. Jimmy Casket vs Toilet Toucher
  2. Cywren Caster vs Poet
  3. Princeton Quagmire vs Maxwell Acachalla
  4. Lil'Vent vs Quasar
  5. Johnny Toast vs Stardust Sprinkleshine
  6. Chakalata Soup vs Sally Betty Jessica
  7. Jimmy Casket vs Cywren Caster
  8. Maxwell Acachalla vs Quasar
  9. Johnny Toast vs Sally Betty Jessica
  10. Tournament II Champion Battle!


Tournament I

  1. Gertrude
  2. Sally Acachalla
  3. Jimmy Casket
  4. Billy Acachalla
  5. Vahl the Dark Elf
  6. The Bird
  7. Sally Acachalla
  8. Jimmy Casket
  9. Vahl the Dark Elf
  10. Jimmy Casket

Tournament II

  1. Jimmy Casket
  2. Cywren Caster
  3. Maxwell Acachalla
  4. Quasar
  5. Johnny Toast
  6. Sally Betty Jessica
  7. Jimmy Casket
  8. Quasar
  9. Johnny Toast
  10. Johnny Toast

Characters in the Competition


Tournament I

  • Papa Acachalla
  • Sally Acachalla
  • Billy Acachalla
  • Gertrude
  • Spencer
  • Officer Maloney
  • Jimmy Casket
  • The Bird
  • Lydia 
  • Vahl
  • Johnny Ghost
  • Maddie-friend

Tournament II

  • Jimmy Casket (Champion)
  • Chakalata Soup
  • Cywren Caster
  • Quasar
  • Johnny Toast
  • Cameron
  • Maxwell Acachalla
  • Poet
  • Stardust Sprinkleshine
  • Sally Betty Jessica
  • Princeton Quagmire
  • Toliet Toucher

Tournament III

  • Tournament II Champion
  • Miraak
  • Sofie
  • Timebomb
  • James Caster
  • Areum
  • Gaelan
  • The Sucky Officer
  • Prince Fang
  • Gregory
  • Cardboard Box-Friend
  • Amii

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