VenturianTale 1-Year ANNIVERSARY SPECIAL!35:51



VenturianTale 1-Year ANNIVERSARY SPECIAL! is a video, the special episode in A Minecraft Tale. It was filmed to celebrate the first year of the channel, and the four siblings visited several sites: Ventopia, Birchwood,the Nether Portal, and the End Portal. 

Official DescriptionEdit

My siblings ImmortalKyodai, BethanyFrye and HomelessGoomba return to the land of Pigaria in Minecraft to celebrate our 1-year Anniversary of our videos! Watch as we journey through the land to revisit old areas like Ventopia, Birchwood and more!


  • Jordan Frye
  • Bethany Frye
  • Isaac Frye
  • Cierra Frye


  • This video introduces the intro that would be used in every VenturianTale video from this point on.

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