"Greetings Fellow Adventurers, this is [Name] (with [1-3 other names]) and..."
―The Introduction of most videos

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VenturianTale is a YouTube channel in which four siblings play tons of video games. They joined at January 16, 2013. They have 1,300+ videos and posts 1-2 videos per day. They have grown to be very popular, mostly with the Skyrim and Garry's Mod LPS. The names they use on YouTube are Venturian, BethanyFryeHomelessGoomba, and ImmortalKy​odai. However, these are not their real names. Venturian's real name is Jordan Frye, Bethany's is Bethany Frye, Homeless's is Isaac Frye, and Immortal's is Cierra Frye. They play a wide variety of games, including but not limited to Fallout 3, Minecraft, Gmod, and Skyrim. The siblings currently have over 2 million subscribers. They were also a finalist in the 2015 Bloxy Awards for best Roblox-related YouTube channel. 



  • "We need to rethink our lives."
  • "As they say in Spain...."
  • "Like a Boss!"
  • "Cuz' I'm a bird..."
  • "Go Swag....Go Swag!"
  • "Kids, don't drive recklessly. You could kill a robot..."
  • "Like a BOSS!"
  • "We're not here for music boxes, Robin."
  • "Krypton!"
  • "Take a PITCHER of you!"
  • "Take a seat!"
  • "I don't CHAIR about you!"
  • "Ain't got TIME for this!"
  • "No one got time for dat."
  • "NUKA-COLA!"- Fallout
  • "I don't know what that means!"- Skyrim
  • "Mr. Potty is not impressed."


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