There are many creatures that were made as a result of VenturianTale's antics. Although appearing randomly, they tend to stick around and not be forgotten.

Tree PigsEdit

Tree Pigs are wild pigs of the Tree Pig Empire of Pigeria. They are Jordan's worst enemy, while Cierra loves them and keeps them in her part of Ventopia. They rival both the Mountain Cows and the Lake Chickens, and they hire the Assassin Sheep for battle. Their evil is only matched by redflowers.

Assassin SheepEdit

Assassin Sheep are wild sheep mercenaries that are hired by the Tree Pigs. They are rivaled by Jordan as well as the Treepigs, but Cierra doesn't care about them. They are against both the Mountain Cows and the Lake Chickens.

Lake ChickensEdit

The Lake Chicken Armada is the Army of Lake Chickens. They are in service to Jordan, and Cierra doesn't care entirely about them. They rival both Tree Pigs and Assassin Sheep.

Mountain CowsEdit

Mountain Cows are Peaceful Cows living outside of Ventopia. They have full respect to Jordan and Cierra. They do not rival Assassin Sheep, but if a Tree Pig enters their borders, they will attack.

Lettuce SquirrelsEdit

Lettuce Squirrels are beasts that take the form of Dinosaurs. they talk like Billy, when he swallows his tongue.


Unicorns are creatures who take over people when they touch The Floating Gun of the Aztecs. The main unicorn that comes out of it is Stardust Sprinkleshine, although Sparkly Puddlebuns also may appear. Different people will turn into different unicorns when they touch the floating gun of the Aztecs.

Tree throwing baboonsEdit

Baboons that according to venturian, can and will through entire trees at their enemy's as a defense mechanism. Tree baboons are also somewhat militaristic, taking over entire island with a strategic mind set.

Paranormal EntityEdit

Ghost,bigfoot's,molemen and other cryptic creatures.