Ventopia is the name of the third house owned by Jordan and Cierra built in A Minecraft Tale. It was built after the destruction of Birchwood.


As well as VenturianTale and ImmortalKyodai, a few other mobs share the house. These Mobs include Daxius, Big Vent, Lil'Vent (The Original), Cameron, Lil'Cameron, LA LA KILL YOU, the rabbits, several snow golems and many others. In one episode a Ghastly Enderman intrudes Venturian's half of the house/mansion sort of.

One of the ghastly mobs that VenturianTale hates is ImmortalKyodai's opposite. Yes, ImmortalKyodai is addicted to Treepigs. They live there as well. In the 1 Year Anniversary Special Youtube Video, a golden sheep replaces the tree pigs home/territory, that Homeless Goomba removed from existence. VenturianTale has a heart within the wool, but then he says to ImmortalKyodai "Hey Cierra, want some wool?" he then drops the wool and craps on the floor.