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Vaults are experimental fallout shelter in the United States of America created by Vault-Tec. In A Fallout Tale Cywren Caster was raised in one such vault. Vaults were design to withstand a direct hit from a nuke with a 2% failure rate. The common Public was told they are for humanity's survival and benefit, though Vault-Tec had a more sinister purpose.

True Purpose Edit

Vaults were actually a sadistic way for the US government to perform un-ethical tests on its citizens, they never feared a nuclear war and all Vaults were to be shut on specific dates where tensions were high and the fears of nuclear war had risen.

Known Vaults Edit

Vault 101 Edit

240px-Vault 101 entrance ext

Vault 101

Purpose: The original purpose of the Vault 101 Vault experiment was to stay closed indefinitely, as a study of the human condition, the genetic impact of a small group of individuals breeding through several generations, and the role of the Overseer when a vault never opened, though the limited genetic material would probably result in inbreeding.

Other Information: This was the Vault Cywren Caster was raised in. She was forced out after her father left. This is also one of the Vaults the Enclave tried to gain access to.

Vault 112 Edit

Purpose: A vault in Which the residents where trapped in a computer Simulation.

Vault 87 Edit

Purpose: Forced Evolutionary Virus research and testing facility.

Other Information: It is now a Super Mutant breeding Ground. It is the only Capital Wasteland Vault with a G.E.C.K. Fawkes came from this Vault.

Vault 106 Edit

Purpose: A Vault in which psychoactive drugs were released into the air filtration system 10 days after the door was sealed.

Vault 108 Edit

Purpose: To study conflict for leadership and power in a vault.

Other Information: It was taking over by the Gary clones.

Fan-made Vaults Edit

Vault 719Edit

Purpose: Unknown

Other Information: Located in California where San Francisco once was. The home vault of Amber Mason and Sev.

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