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Not to be confused with: Vahl Kahli.

Vahl Aradur
Game The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim and Star Wars: Jedi Academy
Race Dumner
Gender Female
Age 25 (In 4E 201, Skyrim Tale Series start)

30 (In 4E 206, Skyrim Tale Series end)

Birthday 1st of Frostfall, 4E 176
Position  ?
Status  ?
Weapon(s) Elven Long Bow, Shadow Bow, Sting, Crow Sword, Lightsaber
Played by  ?
Let's Play A SKYRIM Tale! Ep19:41

Let's Play A SKYRIM Tale! Ep. 1 - Vahl The Dark Elf!

"I made, yes, a Dark Elf, and yes, it's a girl, I know you can tell it's a girl. Girls are better than guys, it's just-it's just truth, okay? So this is our character along this journey, her name is Vahl, spelled V-A-H-L."
Jordan at the first episode of A Skyrim Tale.
Vahl a skyrim tale by benplus-d6rdt9e

Some fanart of Vahl by Ben-Plus on deviantART.

Vahl Aradur (Pronounced /vāl-er-ə-dər/ or /vale-air-uh-dur/) is a female Dark Elf Archer, the High Queen of Skyrim, and the main role for the concluded series, A Skyrim Tale. She was born around 4E 176 in Vivec City, Morrowind, raised along with her older twin brother, Gaelan. She is a Lycanthrope Dunmer as well as the age's current Dragonborn. She does happen to have a TARDIS, but she cannot fly it well. Vahl has a voice in her head, constantly blurting out random nonsense, (and that is Jordan) sometimes she says the nonsense Jordan goes on about. She prefers to avoid conflict and during, she relies on her followers  and a plethora of health potions. She has a large fear of Frostbite Spiders (AKA Nopes) and Trolls, a liking for Derpalopes and Nirnroot,  and has a huge hatred for the Thalmor. At some point in her lifetime, Vahl learned the powers of the Force and used them to battle foes like Darth Vader, Boba Fett, Oak, and Reborn warriors. She also took a Jedi apprentice, Headtendril.  

Titles and Faction Positions

Vahl with the tardis by starbolt101-d764cwl

Vahl in front of her TARDIS

Over her adventures, Vahl has earned a spot in many factions and has accumulated many titles such as:

  • Thane and Heroine of Whiterun
  • Heroine of Raven Rock
  • Skaal Friend
  • Savior of Solstheim and Slayer of Miraak
  • Harbinger of the Companions
  • Wife of Farkas
  • "Pokémon" Trainer
  • Slayer of Alduin
  • Member of the Dawnguard
  • Heroine of Northern Elsweyr
  • Heroine of Windhelm
  • Stormcloak Soldier (Stormblade)
  • High Queen of Skyrim
  • Thalmor Rebel
  • Heroine of Falskaar
  • Savior of Skyrim
  • Sith Lord (resigned)
  • Jedi Knight


Early life

Vahl was born and raised in Vivec City, Morrowind, with her older twin brother Gaelen. They were born to a soldier of House Redoran and a sorceress of House Telvanni, and when they came of age Gaelan and Vahl followed in the footsteps of their mother and father, respectively. Gaelan became a mage as his mother was and Vahl trained to become a warrior as her father before her. But one day, Gaelan disappeared while foraging for Alchemy ingredients and was presumed to be dead, while he was merely injured and taken in by a priest who healed him for the next month; His "death" was what influenced Vahl's decision to travel to Skyrim.

Passage to Skyrim

Vahl had planned to investigate rumours of war activity in Helgen on her arrival; however the ship Vahl travelled on to Skyrim, The Skinny Horker, was shipwrecked off of the coast in the frozen North after a Thalmor Galleon blew a hole in the front and she was was forced to swim to shore and survive by herself in the frozen wastes, scavenging what she could from the dead, with no shelter, little food, and had to fight off mudcrabs, horkers, wolves, skeevers, and Bandits. She made her way around past the tomb of Ysgramor and a shrine to Talos before making her way through a blizzard to the township of Winterhold, where she stayed for a night after failing to get to a store before the owner closed up, despite the store supposedly being set to close half an hour later. The following morning she left for Windhelm up a mountain path. Venturing off the path, she came to Jouneyman's Nook, where she fought and killed two bandits and a mugger. However, she was then chased off by wolves.

Her first improper companion was a farmer, whom she met on a mountain path. They talked for a moment before she followed him as he ran to Fort Kastav and assisted him in defeating a novice necromancer and his apprentice, as well as his skeleton guardians. Vahl killed the necromancer but the apprentice's Atronach killed the farmer before she could help him. She then avenged him afterward. It was on this road she had her first encounter with Imperials and, on arrival at Windhelm, saw two Nords intimidating a female Dumner. She briefly asked about this but continued in search of new armor, which she eventually found and bought. She then took a cab to Windhelm.

Road to Fame


Journey to Falskaar

Becoming High Queen

Losing Lydia


Vahl is a female young adult Dunmer with a more human-like face than a elf's. She has long black hair, (originally in a ponytail) and grey-ish blue eyes. She currently wears a white tunic when at home, while adventuring, she wears a bright grey jacket covered in triangles, and a feather in her hair, representing how (according to Jordan) Indians (Native Americans) were good at archery.

Mental Conditions


Vahl talks to the voice in her head (Jordan Frye) a lot, making her a likely candidate of having Schizophrenia, a condition that effects the brain and may cause some to talk to people that may not be there. On one particular occasion she took on the persona of Jimmy Casket.

Addiction to Nirnroot

"I have this bad habit of collecting Nirnroot, even though in this game it's practically useless. In Oblivion you needed it for like a-quest, so playing Oblivion, I got this horrible case of "collect all the Nirnroots""
Jordan Frye

Vahl has a large obsession for Nirnroot for some unknown reason. Probably due to the fact that it makes a soft humming noise and glows, that of which, draws Vahl toward it. Her Nirnroot addiction is so severe, that whenever she hears the plant, she goes off track and goes directly to the Nirnroot. 


Major Fears


She has had a huge fear of Spiders since episode 102 "Pack of Nopes" when a large group of Frostbite Spiders nearly killed her. Ever since she started calling the spiders "Nopes", due to the fact that Jordan screams "NOPE!" whenever they run into them. Now Vahl calls all forms of insects and arachnids "Nopes", but hasn't seemed to develope a fear of them.


On episode 12 "Vahl's Training" Vahl has been attacked by a tough Frost Troll that nearly killed both Vahl and Lydia, but she only had a minor fear of them until episode 21 "Stealth Fail" where she was attacked by another Frost Troll that the Thalmor fed their victims corpses to. Vahl's fear of Trolls has been the longest fear she had ever. She once had to take on a Giant Frost Troll with Vath Firehall.

Minor Fears

  • Minor Drakonophobia (Fear of Dragons)
  • Minor Kinemortophobia (Fear of the Undead)

Behind the Scenes

Vahl's Race

There was a poll up on the VenturianTale Facebook Page, on what race Vahl should be, Jordan said Dark Elf won by a landslide, and Khajiit won in 2nd place.

Vahl without Mods


Vahl in Vanilla Skyrim

After Jordan's long break from A Skyrim Tale, all of Jordan's Mods for Skyrim have been removed, making Vahl remain with the design of a normal Dark Elf with no hair, fortunately that was fixed.

Vahl's Name

BTS Origin

Vahl's name must have been an idea leading to this: VenturianTale, remove the -enturianT- part of it and the result is "Vale", change around the spelling to a more Elven form, and the result is: "Vahl".

Lore Friendly Origin

Vahl was named after her ancestor Vahlok the Jailor.


the pronunciation of Vahl is: /vāl/ or /vale/



Lydia was the first follower of Vahl, she is said to be a Part-Timelord when she disappears and has "Regenerated" or "Changed her face" 3 times. Her first regeneration was when she was accidentally killed by Vahls' Unrelenting Force Shout when they where fighting General Falx Carius. Her second regeneration occurred when she fell off a cliff while fighting an Ice Wrath. Her third regeneration was when she was caught in an explosion. She hasn't regenerated again....yet. As we know, Lydia is only part Timelord from travelling with Vahl in the Tardis, so she was only able to regenerate a certain amount of times when she used them all up, she died from being infected by the afflicted and put down by Miraak.

Lil' Vent

Lil' Vent is Vahl's pet bunny who is a locksmith. He is currently dead and is residing in Sovngarde.


Vahl used to hate Miraak. But is okay with him after saving her life and helping to kill Alduin. He was believed to be murdered by Frea and Jen after defeating Harkon, but this ended up being a clone. But in episode 132, he was back at his temple fighting a blood dragon. With the actual voice of him he seems to be the real deal. At this point he is second in command.


Frea is a good friend of Vahl. She was very relctant to join the group after her father was killed by Hermaeus-Mora, so it took a few episodes for her to join the group.


Vahl is okay with Jenessa. She ignores Jenessa's talking mostly. Also since Jenessa and Vahl are look alikes and both dark elfs, they might be related.


Venturian is the voice in Vahl's head that directs her in the right (sometimes wrong) direction, they have disagreed with a lot of things, but Vahl trusts him.....well most of the time.


Poet is an engineer, and is the newest member of the group. She has created Navigator (Nav for short), a little glowy robotic fly, and Vahl's dwarven rifle. She was Missing for a long time, over 10 episodes, but she appeared out of nowhere in Episode 123 of A Skyrim Tale.


Vahl seems to be annoyed by Serana (or as the voice calls her, "Ana"), although seemed to actually enjoy the company. Although the voice at least tries to ships her and Miraak together. Then in a episode, she started to fight Miraak and almost fail a Stormcloak mission by making the chief running for his life.


Even though not mentioned by name in the series, Gaelan is Vahl's elder twin brother. Prior to Vahl's arrival in Skyrim, she believed Gaelan to be dead, but in reality is serving as a Captain in the Stormcloak Army. The only Dunmer to do so.


After Vahl got a house in Windhelm she adopted Sofie. Vahl thinks Sofie is spoiled because Sofie says voting for Vahl as High Queen is "treason" talk.


After Vahl vistied the Whiterun bar she met Ma'isha and soon adopted her. Although not much is known about her, she does have a rabbit for a pet. Ma'isha is a bookworm and Vahl's responsible child, possibly becoming a mage.
Vahl and venturian by sylargrimm-d731369

Vahl and Venturian


Farkas is Vahl's husband and member of The Companions.

Vath Firehall

Though not really considered apart of the group, Vath has caused a lot of trouble for Vahl. Vahl even had to go to prison just to free Vath of his crimes. Vath is known for walking around in circles and making Vahl rage.


Vahl found Elsa in her ice castle with Olaf and had the Ice Queen follow them for an adventure. Elsa also grows tired of (the voice's) Frozen puns, she also blocks out doorways with her ice crystals.

Vahl's Development

Vahl has been wearing many different outfits and has had many differences through the Game, here are some pictures of how Vahl has changed overtime.



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