Uncle Charlie
Vital statistics
Position uncle/bank robber/security guard
Age 50
Status Alive
Physical attributes
Height 6'5"
Weight 210 pounds
Family Unknown

Uncle Charlie Acachalla is the uncle of Sally Acachalla  and the brother of Medusa who appeared in the Eevee player model mod video, saving Sally and Flareon from Jimmy Casket. Before we could actually learn too much about him, Jimmy Casket CAME BACK FROM THE DEAD and killed him. Sally said he looked like a vampire. He later came back from the dead again in, put the Cash Money in the Bag, and helped Johnny Toast guard the Cash Money, and later helped Gavin Toast steal it.

Maddie Friend once made an unstable clone of him that kept uncontrollably turning into a shadow creature. Why Maddie would clone him is unknown.