I have a theory about Tommy and Tommy Casket.This theory is about how Tommy and Tommy Casket may be the same person.First of all they both have the same first name but for their last name the names are not the same.But I will prove their names to be the same.You remember when Johny Ghost said his father disapereded when he was born,well maybe he ran away to the Minecraft world because his son was possesed.Also just in case his son came looking for him he changed his name to Tommy Norris.By the way in this theory wer'e thinking that what Jorden says about Tommy is untrue.Also maybe cardboard was hired by Tommy Casket son to find his dad.Many years later Tommy Norris/Tommy Casket died and was sent back to Earth somehow.Thats my theory please tell me if you agree or disagree with my theory.Thanks for Reading my theory.

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