Tommy Casket
Gender Male
Played by Jordan Frye
Status Deceased
Position/Rank Model, police officer
Nationality American
Age  ?
Group Little Butts police force
Weapon AR2 Pulse Rifle
HAUNTED BY CARDBOARD FRIEND! - Gmod Mod (Garry's Mod)20:56


(First mentioned)

CHICA VISITS PIZZA HUT!! - Gmod Chica Mod15:35


(First actual appearance)

Tommy Casket was one of the three men who Jimmy Casket/Johnny Ghost claims is his father. Johnny Ghost recognized a painting of him drawn by Cardboard Friend. The painting showed him (a dark, slender, jacketed man) standing in the rain under an umbrella. Ghost said that Tommy died before he was born, but this could be his post-traumatic stress making him think that.
Bandicam 2014-07-26 17-01-22-609

Photo of Tommy in the rain

Biography Edit

Tommy Casket was the supposed father of Jimmy Casket/Johnny Ghost. He had two jobs: one was being a model where he would constantly flick his hair in front of a camera. The second job was being a police officer in the American town of Little Butts, but he wasn't very good at it and eventually was killed in 1986 outside of Shinogami's Pizza Hut/Olive Garden.

Appearances Edit


Relationships Edit

Jimmy Casket/Johnny Ghost/Gregory Edit

He is the son of Tommy.

Cardboard Friend Edit

He is the (supposed) son of Tommy.

Bad Texture Johnson Edit

He was Tommy's Partner/Personal Camera Man, who was killed by Tommy by accident but came back from the dead and replaced Better Texture Monson then saved Tommy from Dippergami.

Bad Texture Bronson Edit

He was Tommy's Replacement Partner/Personal Camera Man, who replaced Bad Texture Johnson, but Bronson got killed by Chica with a cross bow but then was avenged by Tommy when Tommy killed Chica..

Better Texture Monson Edit

He was Tommy's Replacement Partner/Personal Camera Man, who replaced Bad Texture Bronson, but 10 seconds later, He was got killed by Tommy, who thought He was a spy when He wasn't. It should be noted he became rather violent while killing him. this may be where jimmy gets his violent ways from the only other suspect being cardboard friend.

Shinogami Edit

Tommy Investagated Shinogami's Pizza Hut and Killed Shinogami but Shinogami came back as Godzilla and died.

Dippergami Edit

He was Shinogami's son but was killed by Bad Texture Johnson, when Dippergami tried to avenge Shinogami's death by killing Tommy.

Chica Edit

Chica attended Shingami's Pizza Hut/Olive Garden when Tommy Investigated it.

Ernie Ghost Edit

He is Tommy's Brother-in-Law.

Tommy NorrisEdit

Some people theorize that these two might be the same person.

Fathers of Johnny GhostEdit

Whilst Ghost specifically states Tommy to be his father in HAUNTED BY CARDBOARD FRIEND!, this seemingly conflicts with later episodes, with Jordan suggesting his father is John, and later by Ghost himself saying his father is Pee Wee Ghost. To confound matters, all three have been revisited at least once within the span of a few days of each other beginning with Tommy and ending with John.

Trivia Edit

  • Whilst posing as Gojira, he claimed to be from Brooklyn.

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