This theory is that johnny ghost is not jimmy casket as creepypasta collage and velociraptor mod might say        in some videos johnny ghost might say stab stab stab but is not jimmy  here is the theory

ghost and toast are brothers jimmy casket is there dad when there mother found out that jimmy was a murderer they got a divorse the mother ??? ghost got johnny ghost but  jimmy got toast then moved to the u.k    thats why toast has a british accent jimmy forgot the mothers last  name and just called him johnny toast .

Toast became like his dad a murderer but one day met he ghost later on they became P.I.E  ghost found out about toasts split personality but they were such good friends he couldn't make him go to an asylum.

Toast had three personalitys himself  . Jimmy . And johny ghost yes 

sometimes he becomes johnny and when he does he takes cases like the ghost car and creepypasta collage 

the reason that real johnny says stab stab stab is because he knows about toast being casket and is afraid

he might become jimmy. he died on 3025 and these people really suck at spelling

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