Not to be confused with: The Housekeeper (Desert).

The Whisperer
The House Keeper
Gender Male in appearance
Played by N/A
Status Undead
Position/Rank Ghost
Nationality Unknown
Age Unknown, Adult in appearance, Possibly 40-50
Group P.I.E Ghosts
Weapon Powers
Debut  ?

The House Keeper, also known as The Whisperer is a paranormal entity that was encountered by Johnny Ghost, Johnny Toast and the Military Morons. His Model is Gman. First documented in 1936 and 36 sightings since, he has been attributed to 13 deaths within that timespan. Over the course of investigating the Black Diamond facility, he discovers that the Whisperer is actually Pharaoh the Great.He and the desert version my actually be the same entity though this is unclear.His parent(s) is/are The Great One(s)


  • Unknown Name Of Power: He can make victims phase in and out of existance.
  • Teleport: He can teleport much like Gman or Slender Man.