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The War of 1812 was mentioned by Jordan Frye in episode 18 of Another Fallout Tale.

How it happened Edit

The War was raged by The United States of America against The United Kingdom and Canada. It lasted from 1812-1815. The reasons for the war is Americans still felt oppressed by the British because at this time the Napolionic Wars were going on in Europe and the British needed soldiers so they "borrowed" American sailors and forced them into their navy. Also the British were manipulating native Americans to attack American settlers moving out west and etc. So U.S president James Madison (4th president) asked congress to declare war and they did. But the British didn't pay much attention, so to get their attention ( and to get a little land) American military invaded Canada which was still a British colony, thus getting the Brits attention and drawing Canada into the war.

Garry's Mod Edit

In DEFENDING EARTH AGAINST ALIENS!! Gmod, it is revealed that ever since The Great War Of 1812, Papa Acachalla had been stockpiling information on the upcoming alien apocalypse. He tried to tell people, but they thought he was lying. It is unknown if this means Papa fought in the war or not.

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