This page contains the names of the residents of Little Farm New Mexico:

Mayor BottomsEdit

Mayor Bottoms is the mayor of Little Farm. He his quite old, and follows Gertrude around while she explores the town.

Jeremy BeggarEdit

Jeremy Beggar is the rude, English hotel manager of Little Farm. He is known for his frank, snarky personality.

Sheriff ChipsEdit

Sheriff Chips is the sheriff and head of police in Little Farm. He confronted Gertrude for attacking Jeremy, but didn't arrest her when he saw Gertrude's point.

Bartender JackonEdit

Jackson is the bartender of Little Farm. He helped Gertrude help find Old Man Jenkins at the bar.

Old Man JenkinsEdit

"Chet" Jenkins was the best crowbar-wielder in Little Farm, until his father was killed by Gertion, and Jenkins started drinking ever since. Gertrude insisted that they have a crowbar duel, and Jenkins won when Gertrude was killed.


Donald was the man who taught Old Man Jenkins how to wield a crowbar. Jenkins called him the best there was, but really Gertion was the best.

All the charactars are played by Venturian