Not to be confused with Goober

Goober is a detergent salesman who confusing most things with other random things. He appears in the "Gmod BABY PLAYER MODEL MOD Roleplay!" video. After annoying the acachalla's enough, Gertrude became enraged by his stupidity that she attempted to shoot him to death. Though unharmed by the bullets, Goober pleaded for his life offering his video games for his life. However he made accurate video game statements, upon realizing this he was banished back to his home Dimensions.

History Edit

He first appeared when he talked to Papa Acachalla.

Later in the video, it reveals that he was sent out by his school to sell candy bars but he thought they were detergent.

Trivia Edit

  • He sounds like a drunk version of Spencer
  • He mistakes things for random other things and thinks hes right (e.g; A basket for a lawn mower)
  • He sells detergent
  • he shares similarities to the dc super villain Mister Mxyzptlk, as both can be banished to their home dimension if tricked into saying a certain phrase.

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