Juvenile Superheroes Dental Hygiene

Juvenile Superheroes Dental Hygiene

His debut in VenturianTale. "You wanna know how I got these scars?" "No." "I didn't brush my teeth."

The Joker is a DC comics character that is an insane Serial Killer and the enemy of Batman. He once babysitted Batman's children. He also appeared in Juvenile Superheroes. He owns a restaurant.


Batman Family Edit

Joker is distraught to discover Harley Quinn is actually Batman.

Bat Family Mod Edit

Batman turns out to be the Joker, who turns out to be Spencer.

Just Cause 2 Joker Mod Edit

Sits in a car with Joe and talks about sticking Pepperoni under the table at a fast food joint. The car crashes and Joe is killed just after Joker asks him to replace Harley and help him destroy Gotham.

The Joker Babysits!Edit

Batman leaves his children at his Mansion for Joker to babysit. The children think hes a threat, but Batman leaves to work to leave them alone with the Joker (Presumably to fight crime or send somebody to Arkham Asylum), Baby Luigi became Joker's sidekick but Luigi betrayed Joker to become Batman's sidekick.

Juvenile Superheroes Edit

He, along with Supergirl and Bald Man, was one of the main characters of the episode Dental hygiene.

Trivia Edit

  • Unlike the comics, Joker is usually a Protagonist in VenturianTale videos. Such as THE JOKER BABYSITS, THE BAT FAMILY, and Juvenile Superheroes Dental Hygiene.
  • He second Venturian appearance was the Gmod BATMAN Mod!
  • He got his scars from "Not brushing his teeth".
  • in the Dark Knight Joker Mod video, he burns down Johnny Ghost's McDonalds.
  • In the Batman Roleplay episode, he turns out to be Spencer.
  • Baby Luigi once became Joker's sidekick but Luigi betrayed Joker to become Batman's sidekick.

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