Hey ya'll! My name is Ca$hman55 and I am gonna lay down something deep. You know if you ware really a adventurer that Jimmy Casket is a antagonist that kills pepole and is secretly Jhony Ghost... right? Well I am getting my research together to combine into one post. You all know about Cardboard Friend. But did you know that Cardboard is like GOD? Yeah, just listen... Im about to lay something heavy on you. You can read the comment on prophunt number 18 to prove the theory. Cardboard Friend had two sons... Gregory and Jimmy! Gregory is the supposed father of Officer Maloney, but for some reason he had to hide behind a identity, Gregory dot Gregory!!! Back to Jimmy he was still trying to hide behind sanity... failing at his own expense he created Jhonny Ghost. And... here is the kicker... turns out he is Jimmy and GREGORY!!! He was like Gollum the WHOLE FREAKING TIME!!!! That is why in the "Haunted by Cardboard Friend" episode Cardboard Friend repeats Jhonny's name as "Gregowy"!

So all this time Jimmy,Gregory,Gregory dot Gregory, Jhonny, was all released by one cardboard guy... Cardboard Friend!

And this is my theory now... the other part was a theory made by a lot of pepole on reddit and youtube... but this one is mine!!! I think that Papa Accachala didn't give Sally any waffles for a week to see what happens. He didn't know her childish mind mixed with the devilish power of Sally, would split the child in half and take the evil out of the child adn create Cardboad Friend!!... and that is why she is no longer evil when not given waffles!

So that is a theory you can find anywhere and another theory made by ME. An originaal!

have a good life


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