A portrait of the Gertion band/mafia

The Gertion mafia was the most dangerous mafia in the world. There leader gertion the first was almost as feared as Papa Acachalla and The Acachalla Gang are rivals.

the members of the gertion mafia are Grandfather Gertion, Great-Grandfather Gertion, and Gertion.

former members are Gertrude and Maddie Friend.


Gertion is related to grandfather Gertion, great-grandfather Gertion, Gertrude and Maddie Friend.


Gertion and The Mafia killed Chet Jenkins Father and they hate Papa Acachalla, his gang and his family except for Maddie and Gertrude. They also are all in a guitar band.

Long after the mafias escapades, Gertrude inherited the gertion mansion and protected all its secrets. One day, officer Maloney investigates the mansion, eventually being killed by Gertrude found out too much.

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