"I got buns of iron!"
―The Flash
The Flash is a toy owned by The Toilet Toucher. He, along with
Screenshot 2016-09-10-23-30-48 kindlephoto-36398649

Flash in the room where Toilet Toucher keeps his LEGO sets

Johnny Ghost, Batman, and Johnny Toast explored the Toilet Toucher's basement.


He was bought by the Toilet Toucher at an unknown time.

He was first encountered in the Toilet Toucher's room, along with Batman. He traveled with Ghost and Toast, until they were all killed by Prince Fang. He then found himself in Toucher's basement, and fought to survive along with Batman, Toast, and Ghost. 


  • He has hundreds of copies of himself.
  • When Toucher gets mad at him, he tears his limbs off and throws him in the oven.
  • He is often scolded by Ghost for not wearing a cape with his skin tight clothing, as it can be revealing from the behind.