Fan art of original Acachalla gang members.

The Acachalla Gang, aka The Great Acachalla Gang of the Ancient Wasteland is a group of bank robbers and thieves led by Papa Acachalla that consists of friends and family. The criminal group was at it peak during the old west era of America. Some of their known heists were derailing two trains and looting several tons of gold, as well as a failed bank robbery led by Papa Acachalla and an old woman named Ms. Thatcher. Eventually the gang disbanded during 1955, when Papa Acachalla betrayed Maxwell and Jose Jose Jose Jose, both of whom currently haunt Papa as ghosts.

The Acachalla gang made a short comeback, when members of the Acachalla family tried to steal from a high security bank. They would have been successful had it not been for Maxwell, who was killed by the money they were stealing. In revenge, he possessed the cash using it to kill Papa and drive the money through a wall and took it for himself. 


Resurgence MembersEdit