Teenage Rake
Vital statistics
Position High School Student
Age 17
Status Alive
Physical attributes
Height 5'10"
Weight 130 pounds
Portrayed By Unknown
Gmod CREEPYPASTA HIGHSCHOOL Roleplay Mod! (Garry's Mod)-2

Gmod CREEPYPASTA HIGHSCHOOL Roleplay Mod! (Garry's Mod)-2

Rake Sherbetbowl Jessica went to The Creepy Pasta High School. He likes to eat people's flesh and metal, and he is best friends with Teenage Slender Man and Teenage Jeff the Killer.


Teenage Rake is happy as long as he gets to eat flesh or be with his friends. Out of all of the Creepypasta High School students, The Rake is the most creepy, He occasionally jumping out the window and back and rubbing his head against random items or people.


Teenage Slender ManEdit

Slender and Rake are best friends. They go to the same High School. Once, Slender thought that Rake was getting married to Sally, Slender's girlfriend, but it turns out it was just Sally Betty Jessica.

Teenage Jeff the KillerEdit

The Rake is one of Jeff's best friends. The two often sit next to each other in school, while Slender just sits alone to work on his drawings.

Teenage HerobrineEdit

Herobrine went to the same high school as Rake. They were friends. However, their friendship most likely died when Rake put his head inside Herobeine's eye socket.

Sally Betty JessicaEdit

The Rake is currently married to Sally Betty Jessica. Rake claims the marriage so far is horrible. They had a child together, Susan, a Dragon who lives in The 13th Dimension with Sally and The Rake.

Foxy Edit

Foxy and Rake once met during an adventure and the two became friends, but Foxy thought that Rake was Slenderman. They liked to sing bad songs while they explored. It is possible They are still in touch.

Susan Rake Jessica Edit

Susan is The Rake and Sally Betty Jessica's daughter but not much is known about their relationship.


  • He calls Mr. Sviggles Mr. Wiggles.
    FUNNY FOXY AND RAKE TEAM-UP! - Gmod Creepypasta Five Nights At Freddy's Horror Map (Garry's Mod)

    FUNNY FOXY AND RAKE TEAM-UP! - Gmod Creepypasta Five Nights At Freddy's Horror Map (Garry's Mod)

  • When Mr. Sviggles died, he ate his flesh.
  • He is pasty.
  • He is married to Sally Betty Jessica.
  • He might be Slender Man's brother.
  • He always asks "Can I eat your FLESH?"
  • He doesn't like corn fields.
  • He teamed up with Foxy once.
  • His model is a retextured Fast Zombie.


  • "Can I eat your FLESH?"
  • "I don't know, I was only born 2 hours ago."
  • "No, I'm just naked."