This wiki is about Venturian and his youtube videos.You might want to subscribe and watch Venturian's mail videos. His gang is made out of 2 girls and 2 boys. The people that are in the group is the artist, Bethany Frye, the second oldest, Cierra Frye, the troll, Isaac Frye, and the leader, Jordan Frye. 

You are awesome

Best Youtubers EVER!!!

hey! jordan, love your channel and keep up the work! 02:29, August 23, 2014 (UTC)

Fallout Tips and Things You Should Do Edit

Dear, Jordan 

I would like to talk to you about Fallout New vegas. One thing is that you should not only buy the anti-matierial rifle from Gun Runners but the lever-action shotgun too, The ammo you need will look like this, 3/0 buck (GRA). Then go to the Sunset Sassprilla sign near El'Dorodo Dry Lake  where the man with the guitar was and kill him. After you do that take his gun which is called the Mysteryous Magnum. When you pull it out. It sould play some music,which is great for shootouts. You will need 44 magnum ammo. There is also a fire axe in a camp near Goodsprings. Watch out for Cazadors which are those wasp things. After this you should wipe out the Legion. They murder just about everyone. If you find the Great Khans you should kill them because there bad people and you will gain karma. Be careful because they don't die easy. If you go to the upper right part of the map you might get killed by the boomers. If you do the King's missions he will give you rex. I hope all this helps. You don't  have to reply,but if you are reading this and try this please mention my name in your next fallout video.                          

                                                                    your friend (I hope)

                                                           MY NAME IS JEFF! XD

Hello my dear faveroite youtubers its AMIZING to have this talk I am Zackerhia Richard Cowling but you may call me Zack. I am starting a Youtube Channle I have so many plans MineCraft Dragon Block Craft mod and I hope to Have you Jordan,and Searia Its a dificult mod but i know tons of this mod. If you want to wach my First videio go to youtube and serch Zack Cowling thats were it will be shown but it isent made yet so I hope you will join my Adventures in Mine craft BYE!!! PS I will let you know  when the First vid is made.

Venturiantale can you please do more TTT videos

Venturiantale can you please do more TTT videos99.239.97.174 23:05, February 21, 2015 (UTC)

Your awesome

Oh and can you do more jail break videos

With sally as the waffle lady and bilyl as the crazy boy.

Hello Jordan! My name is AnDy I LOVE your channel. I really want to chat with you but my tabiet is stubid =) and won't let me

If you have a Xbox 360 pls ask to be on your friends list my gamer tag is BeamistDrake9

From AnDy

Ps I'm a huge fan!!!!  😄


Dear venrain

Maybe I could be  a biggest fan

And I could play. Garry's good after my birtday

And it's March 24 with someone and sold you plzzzzz play with

Me on March 24th and I could write with blood on it@$-!_#()=/:;+?"';:/·™€`^¥«»{}£&¿~><\*%[]|¡¢®© plzzzzzzz· I love your guys videos I watch them about every day And I wonder if you can do a video about

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I have detected a problem with the welcome page, specifically the VenturianTale Sub-Wikis. Apparently, the Skyrim Tale Wiki link and the Qeios Wiki link are now both dead. I treid the Skyrim Tale wiki, but it never worked at all. If the page is truly dead, please add the fact that the link is dead. Thank you.

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Fixed. ElectricFire 169 (talk) 12:13, January 14, 2017 (UTC)