Sue Acachalla
Sue Acachalla
Gender Male (biologically), female (Legally)
Played by Isaac Frye (HomelessGoomba)
Status Alive
Position/Rank (Formerly) S.W.A.T. Officer
Age 33
Group Acachalla Family
Weapon Magnum
Gmod SILLY DRAGON Mod! (Garry's Mod)

Gmod SILLY DRAGON Mod! (Garry's Mod)


Sue's newest appearance

"I suck at my job."
―Sue the suckish officer
Sue Acachalla, also known as the Suck-ish Officer, or The Sucky Officer, is a character from the Gmod SILLY DRAGON Mod Video. She is played by Isaac Frye (HomelessGoomba). She is infamous for being awful at whatever she does, as her name implies. She is considered a girl, but on June 29, 2017, Isaac confirmed during a livestream on Instagram that Sue is, in fact, a boy. He said that the joke was that everyone thought Sue was a girl, even though Sue is actually a boy.

She was supposedly tasked with the job of killing Prince Fang, the evil overlord wanted in 13 dimensions. She showed up just after Sally had killed Prince Fang using Spencer's rusty Brace Bullets. She came running through the Acacalla household and shouted "I'm here to kill the dinosaur" Then when it was revealed to her that she was late and Prince Fang was already dead she said "I suck at my job" to which Jordan Frye (Venturian) laughed at and gave her the name, "The Suckish Officer". When Gertrude said that they can cut Papa Acachalla out of the dragon's belly, Spencer hired her.

In the Gmod Acachalla Animal Zoo mod video, she was accidentally adopted as a daughter back when she identified as male, instead of a son by Gertrude. Papa Acachalla hired her as the zoo's security guard as well.

In the Gmod FUNNY Huge Dinosaur Mod, it's revealed that Sue identifies as a girl rather than a boy; making her the first transgender character in Venturiantale.


Sue is generally quite humble from being called awful all her life, and she cherishes any praise she receives from others. She is very open about her emotions, going as far as to beg on her knees when the time calls for it. Despite being horrible at almost everything, she is a very kind person. Sue is not above acting like a bratty teen from time to time. During her time in the military, she was taught to react and be ready for everything, causing her to frequently overreact.[1]

Biography Edit

At one point, she was trained in the military. Sue first appeared at the end of SILLY DRAGON MOD!, running out of the back of the Acachalla house just as Sally had shot Prince Fang, and declaring "I'm here to kill the dinosaur!", to which Spencer replied, "He's already dead." To this Sue said: "I suck at my job". When hearing that they needed help retrieving Papa Acachalla from the dragon's stomach, she immediately volunteered and was even more immediately hired, which she cried thank you for.

When next she appeared, she had been legally adopted by Gertrude as a daughter, despite identifying as male at the time.

Sue was present when Papa Acachalla bought the FNAF animatronics. She tried to shoot them with first guns, and then rockets, to no avail. Not through any fault of her own, but simply that they were indestructible.

She once dressed up as a Charizard, running amok the Acachallas home. Whilst in the guise of a Pokemon, Sue caught the attention of the authourities, who then provoked the Acachalla family causing chaos.

FUNNY Huge DinosaurEdit

She was revealed to be a girl in the FUNNY Huge Dinosaur mod.


Sue once teamed up with Gertrude and Gavin Toast to steal Papa Acachalla's money and gold but kept getting killed by objects flung around by a tornado, at the end of the video she nuked everything.

Post-nuclear warEdit

Sue later appeared with her biological father Tinker Corndog (who may actually be John Smigglebug or a relative of him) in a nuclear wasteland. After leaving their bunker they discovered a race of peaceful rat-men who lived in the wasteland. Sue started killing all of them and Tinker told him to stop causing Sue to get mad and leave him to wander in the wasteland alone. It is unclear whether these events take place before, during, or after the main roleplay because of the apocalypse and the rat men.

Cabin in the WoodsEdit

While Sue, Gertrude, and Sally stayed at camp, they lived in an old wooden cabin. One night, they leave and decide to go to the beach. After arriving at a bathroom, they realize they are being stalked by a strange creature, Sue taking it upon herself to investigate the bathrooms. However, Gertrude and Sally leave her after she ignores their constant comments of going to the beach. Still investigating the bathroom, he encounters Balloon Boy and flees. After explaining the encounter to Gertrude, the gang realizes that the creature is picking them off one by one.


Sue searching the bathrooms



Alter Egos Edit

  • Charizard


Papa AcachallaEdit

Sue is Papa Acachalla's legal daughter. Their relationship is pretty rough. Papa wasn't really fond of adopting yet another kid. He seems to have warmed up to Sue overtime, though he still sends the occasional missile after her.

Prince Fang Edit

He never met Sue, but He may have been contracted to kill him since He yelled: "I Come To Kill The Dinosaur" but, he came too late.


Gertrude was the one who let Sue into the family, and she treats her kindly. She was the one who signed her adoption papers, accidentally making her a legal daughter(she identified as male at the time). Gertrude loves Sue as much as the other kids.


Sally Acachalla is Sue's legal sister. The two are very fond of each other, braiding each other's hair and doing things that normal sisters would do.

Billy AcachallaEdit

Billy is Sue's legal brother. Since they are never in the same place at the same time (due to Isaac only playing one at a time), their relationship with each other most likely won't ever be clear but she probably annoys Billy. Her behavior makes her seem more like a younger sister towards him, though she is older than Billy by ten years.

​​Maddie FriendEdit

Maddie is Sue's new aunt because she was adopted into the Acachalla family. Sue was at Summer Camp when Maddie Friend came round to babysit Susan so the two haven't really interacted.

Tinker Corndog Edit

Tinker corn dog is sue's biological father. They did not get along very well. The two spent 30 years within an underground base, avoiding the nuclear above. Tinker spent those years teaching a young sue on how to survive and manage the wastelands they would one day return to. Sue respected his father so much that he referred to him as Father corn dog, a title he believed respectful and cool in spite of his father's instance otherwise.

When the day came to venture out into the broken world, Tinker became increasingly frustrated with his son's incompetence in almost every regard, namely the fact that he would kill any life form they came across. This eventually lead to a fallout betweenness he two of them, causing tinker and sue to go their separate ways, with Corn dog dying not too long after his son left him.

It was during this relationship sue's identity as the Suckish officer, and even as the opposite gender had been fully conceived. Thus his father referred to her as "he", in spite of his female name.

Gavin ToastEdit

They once teamed up to steal from Papa Acachalla.

John SmigglebugEdit

Possibly the same person as Tinker Corndog

Trivia Edit

  • The first words she said to Papa Acachalla in the ANIMAL ZOO MOD video were "My Eyes!!!" When she opened the bathroom door while Acachalla was taking a bath.
  • Her mask was sown into her face by her grandmother.
  • Papa Acachalla made her a security guard.
  • She has shot a lot of animals.
  • She uses the .357 Magnum Revolver.
  • Her real name is Sue. As revealed in the Gmod Baby PLAYERMODEL MOD Roleplay! (Garry's Mod).
  • She once lit the Achachalla's Treehouse on fire, without really doing a thing.
  • She is obsessed with shampoo, so much so she mistakes explosives such as Davy Crockett"s for shampoo.
  • She often wears pink like Sally.
  • She is 5 feet 10 inches and weighs 165 pounds
  • She once killed herself by walking over a brick.
  • She was accidentally signed as a sister in the Acachalla Family back when she identified as male.
  • In the FUNNY POKEMON! - Gmod Charizard Playermodel Mod (Garry's Mod) video, it was revealed that she was the Charizard and spent most of the video turning back, beginning with her voice to her normal self, albeit with her head on fire.
  • Sue is the only Acachalla sibling to not be adopted from Papa Acachalla's 7-11.


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