Starbugs, also known as worms, rain down on top of Doctor Dicklebottom's house every weekday, from noon to 5 in the Gmod ARCEUS POKEMON Mod. Dicklebottom, the mayor of the Town That Arceus Built, tries to persuade Arceus to eat them when Arceus visits the town. This later causes Arceus extreme bouts of flatulence in the jacuzzi, causing Dicklebottom to deploy the burrito. 


What if...


The main shuttlecraft from the hit UK sci-fi comedy series Red Dwarf (which incidentally, is related to both Doctor Who and Star Trek: The Next Generation (both of which Jordan is a fan of) is called "Starbug."

Bethany was probably trying to say "Starbucks". She has a thing for Starbucks. It wasn't a Red Dwarf reference.

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