"In an age of darkness, and a time of evil, when the world needed a hero, what it got...was him.'"
―Tagline in the original trailer
Starbuggers: From the Logs of Captain Maloney, also referred to as Starbuggers or Starbuggers: A VenturianTale Wiki Original, is an upcoming fan-made series made with Garry's Mod, similar to VenturianTale's Qeios. The series is planned to include a few episodes, following the adventures of Captain Maloney and the USS Who's Your Mama. It is also the first production made under the VenturianTale Wiki Original banner. Starbuggers is set to be rated PG for scenes of science fiction violence, brief mild language, and scary scenes and/or themes. The series was placed on hold in 2016. Its spiritual successor is the series PIE: West Coast.

Cast Edit

Crew Edit

Episodes Edit

Series 1 Edit

Ep. # Title Synopsis Release Date
01. "Takeoff(Premiere) Cywren Caster hires the crew of the USS Who's Your Mama 2 to steal a powerful living ship from the Daleks. Meanwhile Dalek prisoner Juliet makes her own escape. TBC
02. "Legends of the Force" The crew must defend the natives of the planet Junget from the Galactic Empire in a dramatic confrontation. TBC
03. "A Hard Day's Fight" A routine planetary survey turns into a nightmare for the crew as the ice world Epsilon turns out not to be void of life after all... TBC
04. "Silence" The ship is plunged into darkness as the crew face the wrath of bounty hunter Boba Fett, who seems to have a history with the Captain. TBC
05. "Initiation" News of the death of Mari's old friend Brady leads to the crew remembering their first adventure with Brady - a tale of conspiracy, resurrection and political intrigue at the highest levels. TBC
06. "Bad Planet" Mari, Picard and the crew find themselves besieged by the walking dead. TBC
07. "Feelings" A near-fatal accident leaves Maloney considering his feelings for Juliet. Meanwhile Juliet finds herself fending off the affections of an obsessive fanboy. TBC
08. "Purge Environs" As the final battle looms, a shocking revelation threatens to tear the crew apart. TBC

Behind the Scenes Edit

"It's about the crew... Of a giant insect... In space... Why don't we call it Starbuggers?"
―ElectricFire 169[[src]]
Before Starbuggers was created, the series' creator ElectricFire 169 had planned to make a sequel to VenturianTale's Qeios series, titled Qeios: Republik. The series was dropped, however, when no word came back allowing for the approval of a sequel. The script itself for Starbuggers' pilot was originally a fan fiction titled Starship Venturian, written by ElectricFire. The story is based on the VenturianTale Star Trek videos.

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