Spencer's father is one of the parents that left their child at Papa Acachalla's 7-11. He sent Spencer into the gas station to get "something nice" for him and his father. Spencer's father never came back for him, just like John Smigglebug and Sally Jessica.


  • He most likely tricked Spencer into going into 7-11, to leave him there.
  • He has an accent similar to Papa Acachalla's.
  • In the shrink ray mod, Minitrude (the small Gertrude) has her full family introduced. It is likely that Sister Gertrude was actually Maddie friend, Mama Gertrude and Papa Gertrude have yet to be completely revealed, and her bum of a brother, TomTom, may be the father of Spencer. Susan from the tornado storm mod and one of the women there were her parents until the storm killed them. It is unknown whether Tomtom sus.
  • He is also the father of Vanellope von Schweetz and Spencerina.
  • His vehicle was a Blue Bravado Banshee, ironically From GTA IV.


  • "Ok, son I--wow, I can't park..,there we go. Alright, here's $20, now go in in get me somethin' nice..and get yourself somethin' nice too."