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Space Core is a corrupt personalty core/sphere from Portal 2 (That was created by Valve) that landed in Tamriel. He is not in the main game, and is a mod that Jordan used.

History Edit

Portal Edit

'He' places a somewhat small part in the game Portal 2. He appears as one of the items required to defeat the final boss, and appears in one or two cutscenes after it. Dispite his small appearance, Space Core has become a fan favorite because of his annoying personality ("SPAAAACE!") during the boss fight, in which the player has to connect Space Core to the boss to defeat him.

Skyrim Edit

After Wheatley and Space Sphere was sent into space by GLaDOS, Space Core somehow crashed into Nirn after the events of Portal 2. It is said that when Jordan pushed Space sphere into space in the gmod portal mod video that he landed on Tamriel. Vahl, while she was wandering near Whiterun, a house seemed to explode (which was Space core landing) Vahl investigated, and found Space Sphere. She gave it to Poet, in which she may have used it to make Navigater, but its possible that she rebuilt Spare Core or didn't use him. In the 200 Episode Special, Vahl used a different Space Core, and made a helmet out of it.

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