Vital statistics
Position Slaver, Abductee
Age Mid/late twenties to mid thirties
Status Alive
Physical attributes
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown
Portrayed By Unknown

Somah is an abducted Slaver that helped Cywren escape her captive cell after they were being held there together.

She has been shown to be an intelligent, cunning, take-no-crap kind of person which may be due to her slaving background. It is known she didn't like (and may have hated) being a slaver and knew it was immoral, but she needed the money to stay alive in the tough enviroment of the Wastes.



She came up with the plan for her and Cywren to escape the alien mothership.


She has been seen talking to Sally multible times, reassuring her and treating her kindly, suggesting she has a soft spot for children or just likes Sally.

Elliott TercorienEdit

She told him of the Great War and the nuclear attack and that he has been abducted for 200 years. He starts panicing and hyperventalating, she tells him to get a grip on himself and deal with it like the rest of them.


She told him the same info that she told Elliott and he handeled it better, but he resents the aliens deeply for killing his wife and child

Reletionships with FactionsEdit

Paradise Falls SlaversEdit


  • When Cywren woke up and met her in the holding cell they were both wearing the same outfit, which Cywren found embarrasing.