Inside of Wreck of the Skinny Horker

The Skinny Horker is the ship that almost sailed Vahl to Skyrim. It wrecked and capsized off the coast, killing most of the passengers and crew.


The Skinny Horker was destroyed by The Thalmor Galleon: The Golden Serpent. At first it started like common broadside combat, until one Thalmor Wizard, named Jotris, used a powerful Magic move called "The Final Blow". The Final Blow killed the Following Passengers: Kemsyt, Bahiti, and Sepperl the Eyeless. The only Passengers that Survived The Golden Serpent were Vahl and Bavirth, though Bavirth swam away before Vahl woke up. The bodies of most of the Passengers were not found.


4E 201 Crew MembersEdit

  • Kemsyt - Captain of the Ship, killed by final blow
  • Bahiti - First Mate, killed by final blow.
  • Sepperl the Eyeless - Blind Altmer Sailor, killed by final blow.
  • Bavirth - Argonian Archer, Survivor
  • Vahl - Sailed to Skyrim on the boat, Survivor.
  • Ajani - Khajiit Swordswoman, drowned.
  • Najdurt - Orcish Pirate, drowned.
  • Orimar - Nordic Pirate, killed by Thalmor Wizard
  • Grissom - Nordic Swordsman, killed by Thalmor Soldier

Former Crew MembersEdit

  • Kemsyt, Second Captain of the Ship, been with the ship for 10 years, killed by the Attack of The Golden Serpent.
  • Inghean Seldan - Sailed from Solstheim to Vivec, killed by Thalmor troops attacking Vivec.
  • Matzeei Tereas - The first Captain of the Ship, Assassinated by the Dark Brotherhood.

The Dragonborn's BeginningsEdit

The FanFiction "The Dragonborn's Beginnings, is a FanFiction that takes place at this time.

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