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Serana, nicknamed Ana, is a Nordic Vampire in A Skyrim Tale, who Vahl had saved from a barrow, in Episode 108 "NEW FOLLOWER?". Vahl doesn't trust Anna that much, during the whole Dawngaurd DLC arc, Venturian thought she was to turn on Vahl when the DLC was over, but she is now a very well trusted companion and one of Vahl's friends. She is officially shipped with Miraak. She was a series regular on A Skyrim Tale.

Biography Edit


Seeing as Serana is a pure blooded vampire, it is possible that she can change form, but has yet to do so in the series, and can turn others into one. She is also the group's resident necromancer, as she can be seen multiple times raising dead to fight for her and has a vast knowledge of anything related to necromancy. This knowledge is demonstrated when in the Soul Cairn, when telling Vahl about it. She is also adept in ice magic.

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