Sally Betty Jessica
Venturiantale all woman by mrszeldaslayer-d73nzoc
Gender "ALL WOMAN" as (s)he says
Played by Jordan Frye (Venturian)
Status Alive
Position/Rank N/A
Nationality Hispanic Acachallan American
Age 30-50's
Group The Acachalla Family
Weapon Her Own Fat
Gmod Horror Map SCARY PRISON Multiplayer! (Garry's Mod)22:23

Gmod Horror Map SCARY PRISON Multiplayer! (Garry's Mod)

Sally Betty Rake Jessica has claimed to be the real mother of Sally but is possibly really her stepmother. She first appeared in the Gmod Haunted Prison Map. She has facial hair and is always mistaken for a man. She works with Chakalata Soup, Poopoo and Goober and at Olive Garden, she only eats olives. She loves to drink beer and has a power to springboard around using her fat. She looks exactly like Papa Acachalla and has trouble sitting down in chairs because of her size.


Sally Betty Jessica is a beutiful very loud and selfish. She aint afraid to state her opinion, even if it is likely to offend others. She is demanding at times and does not care about others. Sally betty Jessica also seems to have no manners what so ever. Some how being more crude than even Papa Acachalla himself.

Sally betty Jessica seems very fond of her weight and appearance. Even though it is most people's main reasoning of questioning her title as a "woman". None the less, She uses her own fat to complete objectives. using her body weight in such a way that can even be considered super human.

Though no doubt crude, even sally betty Jessica has her limits, being disgusted and mortified by the Ghostly Toilets and Poopoo when her name was revealed.


Due to being a pure blooded Acachalla, Sally Betty Jessica looks roughly identical to Papa Acachalla. Albeit a few minor differences like having a pony tail.




She calls herself "Sally's real mother." However, Medusa also claims to be Sally's mother

Papa AcachallaEdit

Sally Betty Jessica happens to be Papa Acachalla's Doppleganger. She is Papa's second ex-wife,the first being a woman named Medusa.

It was revealed by Papa that Sally Betty Jessica is the same species as him, which is Acachallan.

Venturiantale all woman by mrszeldaslayer-d73nzoc

She is all woman!!

Chakalata Soup + CompanyEdit

Lived and worked with them once on a deserted island with only a kitchen on it. They eventually escape the island and start working at an Olive Garden in Butts, N.C. (Butts, North Carolina).

The RakeEdit

Sally Betty Jessica and the Rake got married at a carnival in the middle of a zombie apocalypse. 

Slender ManEdit

Sally B. Jessica

Slender started dating Sally Acachalla, and when Sally Betty Jessica married the Rake, he thought the Rake was marrying Sally Acachalla. It is unknown if Slender and Sally Betty Jessica have met, but it can be assumed as Slender went to Sally Betty Jessica's and the Rake's wedding.

Susan Rake JessicaEdit

Susan Rake Jessica is Sallly Betty Jessica and The Rake's daughter and the stepsister of Sally Acachalla.She is a dragon and she had Maddie Fiend babysit her

Sally Bettty Jessica's SisterEdit

A woman claiming to be Sally Betty Jessica's sister came to Chakalata Soup's Olive Garden looking for her nephew,it is unknown if this nephew is Sally Betty Jessica's, Uncle Charlie's, or Uncle Wilbur's son

Sally Betty Jessica's Sister's NephewEdit

It is unknown if he is Sally Betty Jessica's, Uncle Charlie's, or Uncle Wilbert's son.

Uncle CharlieEdit

Uncle Charlie is Sally Acachalla's Uncle, meaning he is Sally Betty Jessica's brother.

Uncle WilbertEdit

Wilbert is Sally Acachalla's uncle, meaning he is Sally Betty Jessica's brother.

Johhny Ghost/Jimmy Casket/GregoryEdit

Gregory is Sally Acachalla's great uncle, meaning he is Sally Betty Jessica's uncle.


  • She has a mating call.
  • In the episode Baby Mario Bros in High School, she owns the school baby Mario and Luigi are going to.
  • Sally Betty Jessica describes Sally Acachalla`s eyes as "Like Dolls Eyes"
  • She talks as if she has been smoking a lot.
  • She has a sister who is all man, Apparently.
  • She is identical to Papa Acachalla.
  • She once been a waitress at a resturant before.
  • She is related to Sally somehow as stated by Jimmy Casket and by Sally Betty Jessica herself.
  • She is all woman.
  • She is married to the rake and on their wedding day they held a carnival and all the relatives were zombies but slenderman, herobrine and their fellow zombie fighters killed all the relatives before they could arive.
  • She lives next to BonBon and his mom.
  • And finally, SHE IS ALLLLLLL WOMAN!!!!!


  • "My name is Sally Betty Jessica."
  • "I can springboard my fatness on the pavement. (...) It worked, and I knocked over a steel girder in the process"
  • "This isn't a Best Buy! Stop throwing random Technology at me!!"

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