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Sally (Fallout)

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Sally is a pre-teen girl who Cywren met on Mothership Zeta. She was born between 2063-2065 in the United States of America.


Sally was living in a US city, most likely Washington D.C when the bombs fell. She was seperated from her parents as the bombs fell and it is known they died in the initial war as she saw them dying, both she and her sister were abducted by aliens on Mothership Zeta. Her sister was killed by the aliens at an unknown time, Sally was frozen for hundreds of years before being unfrozen and taken captive, she has escaped multiple times and traveled through the ships ventalation system to avoid detection, she helps Cywren get around the ship. The aliens kept her alive because of her knowledge of the Giddyup Buttercup toy, of which the alien race seems to be obsessed with.


Cywren CasterEdit

Sally follows cywren around, helping her get through the mothership.


  • Sally's line, "Cows, we've got cows!" is a reference to the movie Twister.
  • When Cywren was talking to her in the maintenance area the Cywren told her: "What an incredible smell you discovered," which is a line from Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope.

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