Red Flowers are the Enemies of the Yellow Flowers. Jordan has stated to fight many red flowers. It is said by him that they are evil and are tying to destroy the yellow flowers.


A red flower.

The smaller poppies and the rose bushes all count for the red flowers and Jordan has put up a fight and torn many of them out of the ground. Occasionally when Jordan sees a red flower he will destroy it.

Trivia Edit

  • The red flowers first appeared in the Episode 22 of A Minecraft Tale.
  • They are in war with the Yellow Flowers.
  • Unlike the yellow flowers, they don't have a queen (or the red flower queen didn't appear yet in the videos)
  • They are seen in armies, as seen in the skin changer mod.
  • As of 1.7, red flowers models, roses, are changed into poppies.
Yellow Flower

The yellow flower, enemy of the red flowers.

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