Name The Guards of Qeios
Series Qeios
Leader Rothlyn, Rivatha
Notable Members Eva (Major), Timothy (Commander)
Headquarters Qeios
Rivals Other villages
"BEYOND THE WALL!" - Qeios Episode 1 - (Garry's Mod Animated Series)

"BEYOND THE WALL!" - Qeios Episode 1 - (Garry's Mod Animated Series)

The Guards of Qeios, also known as Guardians, are the protectors of Qeios, their King/Queen, and Qeios's food and supplies.

Ranks Edit



Two Minors in Qeios Episode 1: Beyond the Wall.

Minors are the most common guards out of all of them, they usually go on scouting missions, guard the outside and inside of Qeios, and destroy other villages. They are commanded by all higher ranked Guards. Minors where Gray-ish Black Uniforms


Majors are the second smallest rank following Minor, after becoming Major, they have the ability to command small scouting teams and have custom colored uniforms.


Captains are the third smallest rank following Major. Captains are equipped with improved body armor, made apparent by the larger neck guard and the increased protection it offers. Their helmets are also drastically different from those of regular guards. They have the ability to wield stronger weapons, and command armies of Majors and Minors

Cpt. Ultra Edit

Ultras are low ranking commanders in Qeios, they are armed with heavy weapons, command large armies, and don't need to be commanded anymore. Ultras wear white masks concealing their faces and are visually similar to a cross between an old Soviet PMG-2 and a PBF gas mask. They also wear a bullet-resistant vest, leather boots, a black-green uniform, as well as an armband on the right arm, with "c17:i4" emblazoned on it, and "C17" on the back of the collar.

Commander Edit

Commander is highest rank of all Qeios Guards. Commanders have orange armor with a clear visor, and a black gas mask. They have the right to be in battle or not, and can command over 100-150 men.


Military Police Officer

Military Police Edit

"If you resist, I will have no choice but to terminate you."
―Military Police Officer talking to a Girl Citizen in the middle of an arrest[src]
The Military Police (or MP) are a group of guards that enforce the law of Qeios. They have green armor with pockets, and a black mask covering the mouth, along with an intercom.

Unknown Rank Edit

Their are multiple guards wearing white armor during the SCARY FNAF ENDOSKELETON video, and their rank is unknown. Due to their badges and model, they may be Elites (Since they are Combine elites.)


  • Low rank Soldiers look much like Combine Soldiers from Half-Life 2. It's unknown why they wear this armor while their inside the walls of Qeios, because the "Lie" about the air being toxic involves the inter walls being safe. In theory, this could just be bullet-proof armor for tear gas or other weapons.