For the location, see Qeios (Location). For the manga the series was based on, see Qeios (Manga).
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"The city of Qeios, the sole remaining safe haven for the human race. "
―The opening dialogue of the series, spoken by Rivatha (SylarGrimm).

Qeios was a short-lived animated series created in Garry's Mod by the VenturianTale crew, based on the manga of the same name.

Qeios was launched with its Pilot, (Named "Beyond The Wall") on Monday the 8th of November 2014. It was the first series to have been scripted (other than VENTURIANTALE SCRIPTED! - Gmod Siblings Roleplay (Garry's Mod)) and voice acted. It was also the very first series to use voice acting, other than role-playing.

Only three episodes were made, making the series very short-lived. The series ended with a cliffhanger on the third episode, on September 1, 2014.

Plot Edit

Past : After Dragons raged in a terrible war, Rivatha's ancestor, Lord Zesh, defeated the Dragons, but the war left Earth in horrible status, devastated and destroyed, so the human's built a city enclosed withing steel walls and roofs, named "Qeios".

Present: Rivatha is set to become the Queen of Qeios, so her father King Rothlyn takes her outside the wall, where she gets swept away by a mysterious tornado.

When Rivatha wakes up in the Village of Escent, Woodrow tells her that the air has always been breathable, and that the Guardians and Rothlyn had been lying to the citizens of Qeios. At the end of the episode they journey back to Qeios through the land of Aviria.

When Rivatha, Woodrow and talking dog Comet visit the land of Aviria, the meet Audrey and Andre, twins that lived in the village, they warn Rivatha that Qeios Guardians are coming to attack the village. Rivatha and Woodrow help defend the village from the Guardians and are sucsessful in defeating them. After the battle Rivatha, along with Woodrow, Comet, Audrey and Andre, set out once again to Qeios to confront King Rothlyn.

Cast and Crew Edit


Main CharactersEdit

Other CharactersEdit


Episodes Edit

  1. Beyond The Wall
  2. Beyond The Lies
  3. Beyond The Killing

Sountrack Edit

Main Article: Qeios Soundtrack

Legacy Edit

Fans of the series have rallied for a fourth episode since the announcement of the cancellation. A spinoff featuring some of the original cast, titled Qeios: Republik, was planned, but ultimately aborted over rights issues. The project later evolved into Starbuggers: From the Logs of Captain Maloney. An unofficial prequel adapted from The Kingdom of Morbearior is currently in development.


  • The series features some similarities to the video game Beneath a Steel Sky and Technopolis City from the animated series Super 4.
  • The second and third episodes of the feature a warning before each episode began.

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