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"Qeios, the soul remaining Safehaven of the Human race."
―Qeio's Tagline
"BEYOND THE WALL!" - Qeios Episode 1 - (Garry's Mod Animated Series)

"BEYOND THE WALL!" - Qeios Episode 1 - (Garry's Mod Animated Series)

It's debut


Qeios (Pronounced Chaos) is a city somewhere in the Wasteland, built after a race of Dragons rampaged the planet. It is said that it is the only place with filtered air, although these are lies, since the outside contains breathable oxygen.

History Edit

"It really was a great city back in the day, but now it's just chaos."
―Soldier working for the Endoskeleton

It was built after dragons rampaged the Earth, turning it to a toxic Wasteland. The only safehaven is Qeios, a facility filled with guards and half of the survivors of the dragons.

Trivia Edit

  • A soldier and the Endoskeleton once attacked it on a Government mission.
  • One of the basements are infected with zombies.
  • They also hold strange creatures in various rooms, such as Ant Lions and Dinosaurs. It is possible that the higher authority personnel experiment on these creatures.

Guards Edit

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They city is protected by a army of Soldiers and guards, that protect the city and most likely serve as the Police.