Gender Male
Played by No One, ragdoll
Status Unknown
Position/Rank Pet of the Acachallas
Nationality Rancor
Age Unknown
Group Acachalla Family
Weapon Teeth and Claws
Debut SCARY MONSTER PET ADOPTION! - Gmod Star Wars Rancor Mod (Garry's Mod)
Princess was the Acachalla's 'dog' in the Star Wars Rancor mod episode. He was later then stored in the Acachalla's garage, which let to the garage door shutting on Princess, which let to them calling a vet, which turned out to be Papa Nadachalla. Before the vet came tho, for legal reasons, I don't know, Papa Acachalla at to hide Princess before the vet saw him (yes it's a he named princess). So while Gertrude fixed some lemonade, Papa Acachalla hid Princess and replace him with Queen Elsa, followed by him hiding, then the vet came.

Rancor (Princess is a different shade of brown)

Relations Edit

He is a rancor owned by the Acachalla Family, who Papa Acachalla tries to pass off has a dog, that was sold to Papa for a great deal. He is one of many pets owned by the Acachallas, even tho he never really showed up again, and is still probably hiding and probably starved. That or sally found him eating her waffles. 
Video Debut of Princess19:06

Video Debut of Princess

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