The Point Lookout tribals are a group of tribals who inhabit Point Lookout in the Fallout 3 add-on Point Lookout. Cywren believes they are the ones who cut open her head. However she learned that it was not them.

Background Edit

These cultists firmly believe in the power of the Punga plant. They worship it and trade it with outside forces, such as Tobar the Ferryman, in a means to spread their faith. Tribals wish to concentrate on leaving their mortal bodies to travel into the astral plane, and Jackson, the leader of the tribals, has traveled farther than most. Normally peace-loving, the tribals have recently begun to assault the old Calvert Mansion, apparently under orders from Jackson himself. However, he's not the one pulling the strings. Aside from attacks on the mansion, tribals are mainly confined to the Ark & Dove cathedral, where they grow refined Punga plants and seek enlightenment through the power of the Punga.

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