Po-Koro is a Matoran Village located in Po-Wahi, on the island of Mata Nui. It was led by Onewa and guarded by Pohatu in the game Bionicle: Mata Nui. Po-Koro contained the Po-Suva, which was used by Pohatu to store the Kanohi he collected.

The Koro was surrounded by huge rocks and there was only one entrance in. Along the road leading to the entrance were gigantic statues that the Po-Matoran carved; this road was called the Path of Prophecies.

Po-Koro became the home to Po-Matoran after the Great Rescue. The Po-Matoran in Po-Koro were carvers, athletes, and shepherds, leading herds of local Rahi. They believed in the Principle of Creation, which was derived from the virtues of Unity and Destiny. This granted them the skill of Strategy, which helped them in playing the game they invented: Kolhii. The best athlete in Po-Koro was Hewkii, and the greatest carver was Hafu.

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