640px-Pip-Boy 3000

The Pip-Boy 3000A is an electronic Personal Information Processor (PIP) manufactured by RobCo Industries in the mid-21st century, and acts as the Cywren's HUD in A Fallout Tale. This multifunction device has been programmed by Pip-Boy developers to display the wearer's stats, area maps, inventory, and item properties. It also includes a Geiger counter and a radio. Its screen doubles as a flashlight to help the user with visibility issues. A user can set their color preference for the display. The four colors available are amber, blue, green, and white. It can also teleport the user. The user merely has to find a location on the map given and it will break the user down into the user's basic molecules. Then, it will send him/her to the location specified, rebuilding them at the location. Any people designated by the user can be teleported as well, such as Qasar, Cywren Caster's dog. The display color must be changed through the pause menu rather than the Pip-Boy itself. It was issued to Vaults in D.C Area and the Mojave. Most vaults in Califorina were issued Pip Boy 2000. It is unknown what other Vaults received this Model.

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