There were many pets in the Venturian universe. They are the owned animals of the main characters of the Frye siblings' characters' pets.


Real Life Edit

  • Butter
  • Billy
  • Chewie

PIE Edit

  • Jumper/Spot (deceased)
  • Quasar (deceased)

The AcachallasEdit

  • Freddie
  • Freddio (deceased)
  • Shimmer
  • Hurricane
  • Gypsie
  • A Baby Eevee
  • Kalshiet
  • Snakey (unknown) 
  • Suitcase(deceased) 
  • Bob 
  • Godzilla (unknown, possibly not named Godzilla according to Sally, but name cannot be made out)
  • Junior (deceased)
  • Pavement (unknown) 
  • An unnamed lynx (unknown) 
  • An unnamed lion (deceased)
  • Simba (unknown)
  • An unnamed goat (deceased)
  • An unnamed monkey (deceased)
  • An unnamed goldfish
  • princess (a rancor)
  • Bobo
  • Gregory (alien)
  • unspecified number of birds (from the Bird Wings Mod)
  • baloney (headless Pidgeon)



Venturian and Immortal (Original)Edit

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